Fear and Affection (demo)

by Huzitt

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released October 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Huzitt Conway, Arkansas

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Track Name: In Came No Comfort
breakfast on the table, dare you ask where she has been
I believe you're able, faith without and fear within
wonder, willing god intend
in came no comfort

dubious albeit, airs are donned for whom abroad
feathered, oh familiar strands of rust, her eye's facade
not but for this act, applaud
in came no comfort

a missing button, a hint of cologne, a shying from my touch
upon a question of why, there was no comfort
you know that if you have to ask, it's too late
in a search for the contrary, in came no comfort
Track Name: What Do You Mean
canvas clean in a pollock scene
a resistance of the infectious touch of a man
territorial, lusting glory,
I'll have victory in a grudge match vs. the land

ever sure of what he has seen
ask him if he knows who he's been
do you even know what you mean

that's the way it infatuated
while dancing, singing, a bosom heaving alive
trap and tame into timid lame
and become my name. make an essence worthy survive

I'll take a mule, bull, a boar, a brother and sister or two
and I'll make it rise. build it farther, make it rise, build it higher
make the children sing higher and higher
make the heavens sing higher and higher
make this land know that I can be higher
so that I may end you in this way should you ever tell me what I mean
let me know when I wake from the dream
Track Name: Tucked Away
you were a woman in the days when we were merely babes
a comfort in your eyes befits a lady
you only ask that I am honest in my ways
how the holy undertow intimidates me

fear and affection, ample am I
ever wrapped in the questions of "how" and of "why"
swaddled soundly, tucked away in a lie

claw from the bottom, fighting through ones viscous gravity or drown within the grave that doubt is sculpting
found am I, doomed to be at mercy of dubiety,
recalling cry of pity most revolting
the foolish retreat from inevitable skinning
while the vulnerable enter into heaven
Track Name: Never Walk Alone
while I'm living, you'll never have to walk alone
my word given, you'll never have to walk alone
as long as I'm living, you won't walk on